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setup Cisco IP Communicator for use with CAD

we currently have a helpdesk set up with the users all having 7965 IP phones & CAD.  When the need arrises I can set them up with latop, a CIPC setup which mirrors their current desk phone, and the vpn.   everything works perfectly, except...   One of the problems we face is if the desk phone for whatever reason is unreachable. (unplugged, need reboot, etc)  the user gets a JTAPI error cause the device is techncally "gone".  this we can live with as once we check the physical phone and restart it they are ok.

What we are looking at now is moving them over CIPC only.  I have gone though and set up a test user and account added it to the proper groups.  set up the CIPC device with and ext and named it CIPC_Only.  we can call in and out on this softphone ext without issue.  We then added it to the RMCM user and in UCCX we can see and assign the user to skill sets and to the queues. 

Now when we first tried to log into CAD we were successfull but when we tried to go into a ready state we go the error:

"Resource's Device is off

the agent extension is out of service.

ready state change and call control operations cannot be performed."

I went back to my desk to do some trouble shooting and after setting everything up on my laptop when tryingto log into CAD we get:

"login failed due to a configuration error with your phone and JTAPI or Unified CM.  Contact your administrator."

Now i worked with a cisco support engineer and after 3 hrs.  We changed the device name to the laptops eth port MAC, then tried the wireless MAC, then put everything back to the original name CIPC_Only.  He then went through and did some other changes to the device config via CUCM.  in the end, we were still getting this same error and he took logs to go over and would get back to me.  he initiall reviewed hen and mentiond he was not seen any login requests.  i did confirm that if the wrong pass was used in CAD we got the error bad user/pass. 

So it seems that CAD is not seeing the CIPC when its running and saying it is there so the agent can log in.

So for anyone that has set ip CIPC and worked with it and CAD have any tips as to what i may have not set up correctly?

CUCM ver 8.6 & UCCX version 8.5

CIPC 8.6

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Hi , I have the same problem.

Hi ,


I have the same problem. Has this problem resolved? Thanks in advance.




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I'm having this problem as

I'm having this problem as well;  did you ever come up with a resolution?

Cisco Employee

For these kind of scenarios

For these kind of scenarios wherein agents at times need to use CIPC as well to work from home, I would strongly recommend setting up Extension Mobility and assign it to both the phones i..e, CIPC which agent will use from home and the physical phone he/she will use in office.

After this, assign EM profile under the CTI Controlled Device Profiles both at the end user and RmcM user level instead of the phones (CIPC and physical phone for the user). What this will do is that, rather than controlling two different phones for the same user, UCCX will only need to take control of one single EM profile and that most of the times avoid the issues that you guys are facing.

The only thing you will need is to educate agents and that is

1) The should login first into EM and once the profile is loaded fully, then only login into CAD

2) Whenever they need to log out from CAD, first log out from CAD, close the application completely and then only log out from EM.



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