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Shared line, and won't pick up the call until pressing the line button

If we have 2 IP Phones,

Phone A (primary no. is 1000)

Phone B (primary no. is 1001)

And they also shared a line with directory no. 2000

If someone dial # 2000, I can configure Phone A flashes only, Phone B rings+flashes. How to make Phone A is unable to pick up line 2000 by hook-off the headset, unless we press the line button next to line 2000?


New Member

Re: Shared line, and won't pick up the call until pressing the l

If you are using CCM 3.3, the first request is very easy to do: look at the settings for the individual lines - you will see the ring properties. You may adjust as needed on a per-phone basis, even with shared lines.

The second thing you are looking for is in the service parameters. The setting is called "always use prime line". Note: this is a global setting, though it may be a device level setting in later revisions of Call Manager. Setting this option to "true" will cause all phones to only answer their primary lines when picking up the receiver. The other lines can only be answered by pressing the corresponding line button.

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