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Shared Line Appearance - Help Please

I hope someone can provide some insight, thanks in advance, here is the situation:

Multiple assistants to one executive, utilizing 7961G's and attached 7914.

Anytime a line is "in use" on the 7914's the screen on the assistants 7961 changes to display the parties ID and status (on hook, hold, etc).

The users are having a hard time differentiating which calls are for who when multiple calls are placed on hold (shows call 1, 2 3).

Is there anyway to collapse this appearance and just go by the lights on the telephone itself?

As a test, I put a 7970 on "privacy" mode and calls on the shared lines do not take over the entire screen. The user can press the line button (if line is in use) and it will display the call information, when they press the button again the information for that line will collapse to only the icon (hold, in use) and applicable light.

Hope anyone can provide some advice based on experience. The site migrated from a Nortel setup with simpler interface (call was either on hold or in use).


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