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shared line issue

Attorney "A" is on line one, you can see that they are on line one if you

look over at your phone because you see the amber colored light next

to their line. A second call comes in, and instead of you seeing Line

1 active, with Line 2 showing the new incoming call on your display,

you only see the light flashing red, and one line lit. When you

answer the call, you then do not realize that the Atty "A" is still on

line 1 because it never shows you both lines active on the screen.

New Member

Re: shared line issue

call manager version is 4.0(2a)sr2a

Re: shared line issue

It sounds like call waiting is enabled on this shared DN with no Call Forward Busy destination. You could create another shared DN and set Call Forward Busy on the first line to the DN of the second line.

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: shared line issue

it already has a CFB destination.

New Member

Re: shared line issue

Mrugesh, this is happening because the maximum calls allowed on this line (line A) is more than 1. So, when a call is already active and another calls comes in for that same DN, it goes to the same line, instead of the CFB destination.

So, check the max. calls permitted on line A. Set it to 1 and then CFB on line to the 2nd. line.

I think I worked with you on a case when I was in TAC :-)

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