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Shared line over a QSIG trunk?

I'm fairly certain that this isn't possible but I thought I'd ask anyway. It would be pretty handy for me if I could figure out a way to do it.

Imagine a Nortel PBX with several phones in a single department. Add CallManager and a 3800, and then connect the router to the PBX using a QSIG trunk.

The department already has a "dial zero" shared line appearance on their Nortel phones, so that callers can zero out of voice mail and reach the departmental line. Is there any way to make that line appearance also appear on a Cisco IP phone?

I realize that there's no way to get exactly the same functionality as a true shared line, but I'm wondering if it's even theoretically possible. I just want an appearance of the line on an IP phone. That would allow me to start adding IP phones in our department without thoroughly messing up our shared lines.

One possibly insurmountable problem is on the Nortel PBX. I'm pretty sure it's going to demand that all phones with a shared line appearance must be on the same PBX, but I'm not positive about that.

Any thoughts?



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Re: Shared line over a QSIG trunk?

Hi John,

If you are using CDP (Coordinated Dialing Plan) with DSC "Distant Steering Codes" to route calls across from the Nortel to CCM this is where you will run into problems. Like you noted, the Nortel is all or nothing when it comes to DSC. Before a number can be ported over to the CCM there have to be zero appearances of the number remaining on the Nortel.

The other drawback is that if you do put this shared line number on CCM and also leave it on the Nortel without any DSC routing, Nortel phones that dial this number will reach only the Nortel appearance and Cisco phones that dial this number will reach only the Cisco appearance.Probably not what you are looking for. Not sure what you are using for voicemail, but my guess would be that it won't know where to direct the "Dial 0" call to either.

If I have misunderstood where you are going with this let me know.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Shared line over a QSIG trunk?

You have understood correctly. I just wasn't sure if someone knew of some really novel way to address the issue. In the next few weeks, we're going to get some IP phones in my department for testing purposes, and they'll likely be permanent. However, not everyone in the department is getting them. Since many of us share a "dial zero" line, that means that I'll be able to move my extension over to the IP phone but I'll still have to keep the Nortel phone around for the shared line.

I don't know much about Nortel systems. I wonder if we could change from a shared line to a hunt group with broadcast distribution? If that were the case, I see no reason why I couldn't add an extension on an IP phone to the hunt group. That at least seems more feasible, but I still don't know if you can extend a hunt group over a QSIG trunk.



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