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New Member

Shared Line

Is there a way to make a shared line available to multiple calls on CCM 3.0(10)? If not do you know if 3.1 has this capability?

Cisco Employee

Re: Shared Line

Let me make sure I know what you are asking.

Phone A has a line 1234

Phone B has a line 1234

Phone A is talking on line 1234. Now Phone B wants to use line 1234 also.


If that is what you are asking, the answer is no. While one of the phones with the shared line starts handling an active call on that shared line, the line becomes unavailable to other devices sharing it.

What you can do is configure multiple shared lines so that phones with these shared lines will each be able to use the shared line appearances.

New Member

Re: Shared Line

That's what I thought.

Do you know if it is the same in 3.1? If so is there any plan to allow multiple calls to a shared line?

New Member

Re: Shared Line

Other than utilizing conferencing the "old" party lines are a thing of the past.

I am on 3.0 and am alittle reluctant to upgrade until I cluster CM1.

Cisco Employee

Re: Shared Line

Yes it's the same in 3.1.

I am pretty sure that if we are ever able to do this it will be no earlier than well into next year. I know this has been talked about but the implications are very tricky. I would not plan on this anytime soon.

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