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Shared Lines on 7905 with CCME

Hi all,

I am running CCME3.1 12.3(7T), and am trying to set up a 'front-desk' number on some 7905's.

Front desk incomer is DN 700 and user extensions are DN's 701-720.

The 7905's require the user's DDI (say 701) as the primary DN and should also ring when a call comes in on the 700 number too.

A hunt group will not ring ALL 7905's at the same time when a call comes in on the 700 number, but would ring them sequentailly - not what I need.

I have tried the following .....

ephone-dn 11 dual-line

number 711 sec 700

ephone-dn 12 dual-line

number 715 sec 700

ephone-dn 13 dual-line

number 716 sec 700

but when a call comes in to 700 I am getting fast busy.

Any ideas ?



New Member

Re: Shared Lines on 7905 with CCME

Only possibility that comes to mind is whether you have setup huntstop on the primary lines. Check out the no huntstop command to see if this will help solve your problem.

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Re: Shared Lines on 7905 with CCME

Overlay DN's worked a treat and solved this requirement.


ephone 3

username "namehere" password CCME

mac-address 000F.34DF.1111

type 7905

button 1o5,16,17,18,19

the '5' is the user's primary DN, and the 16,17,18,19 are the shared-line DN's.

I did put no huntstop on DN's 16,17,18 to make sure they hunted to the next DN if busy.

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