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Shared Outlook Folders Directory

Want to create a directory listing (just like the standard directory app with search capabilities). and have it point to a shared outlook folder.

Any quidance on where to start would be appreciated.



Re: Shared Outlook Folders Directory

For the directory part of this I'd look at a sample directory like photodirectory, or the directory provided by the call manager. To access outlook, it depends on if you want to access Outlook or Exchange. For the former, you'd have to write a connection component running on the computer where Outlook is installed, which allows you to request a directory listing, and performs queries using the Outlook Object model. Here's an example on how to extract contacts form a local Outlook:

A better way to handle this would be to query the exchange server directly. There are two main protocols to do this: CDO (that's for applications running on Exchange), or WebDAV (for applications accessing Exchange remotely - requires Exchange 2000 or above). In case of CDO, you'd need a connection stub (like in the Outlook case) that takes your queries, looks up contacts on the exchange server, and sends you back the results. In case of WebDav, your application server could perform the query directly and send the results back to the phone.

Here's an example for CDO: I haven't found any good samples on WebDAV, but I'd use WebDAV myself (there are, at least for .NET languages) some great pre-made solutions allowing you to query an Exchange server via WebDAV.

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