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Sharing extensions

I am running CCME 3.2 and using 6 extensions. all of them are dual-line.

I would like to associate the number 700 to 3 more extensions so that all ring at the same time when called. They should also retain their primary extensions

is the configuration below work

ephone-dn 4 dual-line

number 646

ephone-dn 5 dual-line

number 666

ephone-dn 6 dual-line

number 675

ephone-dn 21 dual-line

number 700

ephone 2

mac-address 0014.F22A.3C7C

type 7940

button 1:4 2:21

ephone 3

mac-address 0014.F2B0.99A0

type 7940

button 1:5 2:21

ephone 4

mac-address 0014.1C2E.4CD1

type 7940

button 1:6 2:21

thanks in advance

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Re: Sharing extensions

Hi mtech,

This looks good to me! Here a doc that confirms your config;

Shared Ephone-dn

A shared ephone-dn has the following characteristics:

Appears on two different phones but uses the same ephone-dn and number.

Can make one call at a time and that call appears on both phones.

Should be used when you want the capability to answer or pick up a call at more than one phone.

Because these phones share the same ephone-dn, if the ephone-dn is connected to a call on one phone, that ephone-dn is unavailable for other calls on the second phone. If a call is placed on hold on one phone, it can be retrieved on the second phone. This is like having a single-line phone in your house with multiple extensions. You can answer the call from any phone on which the number appears, and you can pick it up from hold on any phone on which the number appears.

This example shows a shared ephone-dn. Extension 1008 appears on both phone 7 and phone 8.

ephone-dn 16

number 1008

ephone 7

button 1:16

ephone 8

button 1:16

From this doc for CME 3.3;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Sharing extensions

Is there a way for the shared line to ring? I've a customer with CME 3.x and shared lines, however, if one of the phones is using that shared line and another call comes in to the shared line, the phones don't actually ring (the line just flashes.

The shared line is assigned to button 2 on 7940. for example

ephone-dn 16

number 1006

ephone-dn 17

number 1007

ephone-dn 18

number 1008

ephone 8

button 1:16 2:18

ephone 9

button 1:17 2:18

edit: ps...they are config'd for dual-line..sorry - forgot to include that.

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Re: Sharing extensions

Yes, when a ephone-dn with a shared number has a call already, the other phones will not ring. You can think that the ephone that has taken the call actually "becomes" the ephone-dn and the associated number.

The workaround, is to configure another ephone-dn, to which CFB is set from the first, and place it on to some button. In your case case, it would become:

ephone-dn 18 dual-line

number 1008

huntstop channel

call-forward busy 1009

ephone-dn 19 dual-line

number 1009

ephone 8

button 1:16 2o18,19

ephone 9

button 1:17 2o18,19

You can chain the CFB for as many lines you can possibly receiving calls. Depending on the telephone modem and other local setting you will use single or dual-line ephone-dn's.

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Re: Sharing extensions

Interesting, so, on 7940s, "2o18,19" allows the 2nd button to take calls on multiple DNs? This is the "overlay feature"

for example, if I have

ephone-dn 18 (1008) huntstop cfb 1009

ephone-dn 19 (1009) huntstop cfb 1020

ephone-dn 20 (1020) huntstop cfb 1021

ephone-dn 21 (1021) huntstop cfb to VM

then, I would have

ephone 8 1:x, 2o18,19,20,21 (up to 25 lines "overlayed")

ephone 9 1:y, 2o18,19,20,21


Curious, what appears on the display for that button?

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Re: Sharing extensions

Yes, shared and overlaied (sp ?) lines have interesting characteristics. The display will show the 'label' defined for the first DN. huststop channel is needed only if the DN are dual-line.

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