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Siemen ISDX connected to router using DPNSS-QSIG Converter

I have a customer who has a Siemens ISDX PABX with DPNSS modules available. We are proposing connecting a Call Manager system to the PABX using a cisco router with an E1 module running QSIG and a DPNSS-QSIG converter as the gateway

The customer is concerned about feature/functionality loss re Siemens vs Cisco when the two are inter connected.

The PABX version is 6.1.

Does anyone have any experience with the inter-operability of the systems and any info on the feature support of an integrated system - in particular any major Siemens features that are not supported?

Many thanks.

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Re: Siemen ISDX connected to router using DPNSS-QSIG Converter

This probably may help you:

Once I have tried to interconnect the Definity ProLogix with QSIG-DPNSS converter board with Ericsson supporting DPNSS.

As you know based on QSIG specification there are basic and advanced features.

And of course customer requested advanced features interoperability – that was nightmare for us.

We made them working together only on the level of basic features across, because advanced features required additional re-programming of the mapping codes on the Lucent QSIG-DPNSS converter board: the DPNSS protocol is based on the messages and each vendor map the DPNSS messages to QSIG in the converter board in their own way: QSIG expect messages in the specific places, but they are coming from different places, where they are not expected. And vice versa with DPNSS.


Especially Lucent help was useful when they advised us that no further development was planned on the QSIG-DPNSS converter board direction.

OK, now imagine that CISCO router supports QSIG standard and it sends and expects everything that is defined by QSIG standard.

I believe that the place where you might need to dig is actual converter board: how the message mapping is done from DPNSS to QSIG and how it is expected by DPNSS part.

If you achieve right QSIG/DPNSS mapping than I think you have a chance to make them working together with advanced features.

Good luck.


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Re: Siemen ISDX connected to router using DPNSS-QSIG Converter

Can't help with the Siemens ISDX PABX specifically. We have recently installed a DPNSS/QSIG system using Teltrend IQ200 converters. They provide DPNSS transparency over QSIG using the QSIG Generic Functional Protocol. The network must also support non CAS signalling i.e. TCCS in cisco speak (which we have yet to implement).

This will permenantly tie up 64K on the WAN Link.

Re: Siemen ISDX connected to router using DPNSS-QSIG Converter

Forget using QSIG, the call manager doesn't support it. What kind of Gateway are you using?

If you use am IOS based that supports qsig and you really want to use qsig then use the IQ200 from Teltrend, it works really well.

If you are using a 6608 then you can't use qsig, it has to be straight q.931, set your self up as network master and then you can provide clock all the way through.

If you do use q-sig make sure you upgrade the IOS to 12.2 so that it supports messaging waiting indication (you will not get the feature but the router will not crash)

You will get NO features other than CLI, transfer (local end) and conference (multiple channel), forget anything flash.

Paul (completely unrelated to the other p.harrison who replied)

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