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Siemens PBX integration

I'm looking to integrate CCM with an old Siemens/Rolm 9751 Model 40 with 7652 voicemail. The customer wants to lose no features and wants to share VM. My initial thought was to use an SMDI link and a PRI to connect the two systems and use the Siemens VM system, but Siemens is claiming the 7652 cannot support multiple PBXs or dual SMDI. First question: Is this true? Second, if it can be done, has anyone done it and what "gotchas" should I be looking for?


Re: Siemens PBX integration

I don't have a Siemens but I did have a similar situation where I wanted an older, very limited in functionality Key Phone system to work with a CM. If you hear that the 7652 cannnot support multiple PBXs or dual SMDI, just like my system can't, let me know via e-mail and I will let you know what I did to over come the limitations of the legacy phone system.

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