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Signalling Bandwidth overhead of various IP Telephony devices

Hi all,

I am looking to find some information as to how much bandwidth given IP Telephony devices consumes. For example a 7960, ATA186, VG200, etc all maintain state/signalling (TCP based) connections with the Call Manager. Also, the Call Manager cluster has a fully meshed TCP "intra-cluster" links to ensure various activities, state, database, etc are consistant.

Any help with respect to finding a chart, PDF, or something on this?



Re: Signalling Bandwidth overhead of various IP Telephony device

I do not consider this as a major overhead as all this signalling consumes very less bandwidth and it happens only before or after the call.

New Member

Re: Signalling Bandwidth overhead of various IP Telephony device

Hi there,

I agree that is is not major overhead, but I still want to know for a few reasons. However I think your remark about signalling consuming bandwidth only before and after a call is not entirely accurate. I agree that there is information exchange during call set-up and teardown. However I think there is also additional occuring overhead such as keep-alives, etc. Also the Call Managers in a given cluster have SDL links, as well as there is the database management functions that also consume bandwidth. So while the signalling overhead of a given system is small, I still would like to know what the expected overhead would be for the various devices.



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