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Simlar to 'PRI Call lock up' below but....

I have an issue where I can call into the PRI 23 times and get the same results everytime. The results are that sometimes I call into the system and get solid 2 way communication, in the No good category I get no ring backtones or audio from behind the PRI, though they can hear me. Check out the sequence below. I can repeat this time after time. Is it my NM or Teleco. I have the NM-HDV-2T1, and I already swapped from S1/0 to an unused S1/1. NG.

Call #1 No Good,

#2-11 Good, #12-16 NG, #17-20 Good, #21 NG, #22-23 Good.


Re: Simlar to 'PRI Call lock up' below but....

If you are able to repeat this sequence time after time, then there could be a possibility that the B-Channels in time slot 1 and 12-16 are bad.

Have you opened a ticket with your telco yet? Have them investigate.


Re: Simlar to 'PRI Call lock up' below but....


seems to be a dsp issue.

you can see which dsp is assigned to the b-channels with "show voice dsp".

1) reload the router

2) if this not helps change hdv with dsps.



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Re: Simlar to 'PRI Call lock up' below but....

I thought the first T1 port might be bad. I changed to the next port on the NM-MFT2t1. between that and changing the 'channel selection' to top down it seems to have made the calls in a little better. But never the less I still get a random one-way here and there. When I checked my DSP's I saw the 0 slot was empty and 1-4 were filled.

Should the 0 slot be filled?

What am I looking in the show voice dsp?

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