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New Member

Simple question but I dont know , ugent

I'm newcomer in the field of IP telephony. I've just set up a small campus for our customer including an IP telephony system. We have router 3662 work as MGCP gateway with 16 FXO ports connect to 16 CO line, a Call Manager 3.1 (MGC 7825) , some switches and many IP phones. I have configured attendant DN in each FXO port that is the receptionist telephone number . Everything ok, calls from PSTN go to the receptionist phone and then she will foward it.

But suddently, our customer sacked the receptionist, and now he want every call from PSTn go directly to his employee. Unluckily our Ip telephony expert is on his honeymoon. So, I need your help .........


I've heard about AutoAttendant But I dont know how to do.

Thank you in advance !


Re: Simple question but I dont know , ugent

If you need every call from PSTN go directly to the respective employees, then you need that many DIDs from Telco. Else, if you have only one DID (or a couple of), you will need to use the receptionist back, or an Auto-Attendant feature. What voicemail are you using? If you have Cisco Unity then you can use its Auto-Attendant feature and solve your purpose!

In that case outside callers can call the Unity pilot number, and dial the extension of the employee when asked for by Unity itself.

New Member

Re: Simple question but I dont know , ugent

you can use the auto attendant feature of call manager. you can have four ports co-residant on the same server as call manager proving the 7825 has at least 512M of RAM.

On the Call Manager you need to add a Route Point that has a DN that was the receptionists number so all incoming calls hit the RP.

Then configure 4 CTI ports for the auto attendant to use and give these DN numbers.

Next create a JTAPI user and associate the Route Point and CTI ports with thise user, ensure you click the enable CTI use check box an don't have a primary DN assigned to the user.

You next need to configure the Auto Attendant, see this link

I think there is a default auto-attendant script you can use so you won't have to record any prompts or write a script.

Providing you have all the users in the Call Manger directory and the correct phones associated with the users, incoming callers can either enter the extension nubmer they want or search by name

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