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Simple Sending Text to 7920 IP WiFi Phone


I am new to using the Cisco Wifi phones and have looked over the XML formats and it looks fairly straight forward. I need to get the following working. I want to send a text message to the 7920 phone. From my initial check, the IPPhoneExecute would be the best bet. I am writing this in Delphi and have a working java example. The java example uses the phone object and the push method. What is the URL after the IP address for this type of phone to send it a command. I send it now by just using the IP Address of the phone and it comes back successfully but nothing happens. What does the full URL look like?

If all we are doing is sending a text message and optionally playing a ringtone, is there an easier way of accomplishing this?




Re: Simple Sending Text to 7920 IP WiFi Phone

Either the example you are working off is incorrect, or you need to have another look at it. The URL you push content to is


And... if you want to do multiple operations, you will in fact have to not push the text to the phone, but tell the phone to visit a certain URL... you can send either a CiscoIPPhoneText or a CiscoIPPhoneExecute (with 1 - 3 uri elements).. so if you want to play a sound as well as do something else, then CiscoIPPhoneExecute it is.. with one URI being the play URI and the other being the url where you have a CiscoIPPhoneText element waiting for retrieval.

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Re: Simple Sending Text to 7920 IP WiFi Phone

Right, I was able to figure out how to at least call the phone. I now get one of two errors and do not understand why. I initially thought this was a firewall issue but now I am not so sure.

I either get a phone Error #3 or I get

Object Not Found

The requested URL '/CGI/Execute' was not found on the RomPager server.

I've tried this from a separate program and a browser with the same results. I can still bring up the phone config in the browser just fine. Is there something else I am missing here. I am starting by just trying a simple text message.


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Re: Simple Sending Text to 7920 IP WiFi Phone

Hi Rich

Why don't you take a look at the program Message Pusher at

The program sends a message, and optionally plays a message when it arrives...

Hope it helps


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Re: Simple Sending Text to 7920 IP WiFi Phone

I'm trying to get basic text messaging working from an ASP.NET C# application. Your mention of pushing content to http:///CGI/Execute sounds very much like what I am trying to do. Could you give me a sample of the content required for a simple text message and perhaps a code snippet (ASP or would be fine) for sending that?

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