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Simple XML Application help

We'd like to display a menu driven informational IP phone service.


Service Name: Emergency Info

Menu items: Fire, Bomb, Evacuation

And when a particular Menu item is chosen, then some text would be displayed.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Re: Simple XML Application help

Hello Navi,

There is a lot of documentation and sample code available for you to look at to help you create your phone service. What you want to accomplish is a good service to start with, as it is not complicated.

Check out Cisco Developer Support. You'll need a CCO account (which is free) and you can then access SDKs etc. Get the IP Phone SDK, and that will contain documentation and sample code for both ASP and JSP(java).

Another great reference are the Cisco Programming Guides. While these guides generally contain the same information that is available through the various Cisco Developer Support sections, they are good convenient references and are worth a bookmark!

(it looks like Cisco has changed this section and removed some of the materials, probably because it is available in the SDKs in the Developer Support section)

There is also a book that while outdated, can be helpful for getting started:

Developing Cisco IP Phone Services: A Cisco AVVID Solution

This book is available on O'Reilly's Safari service (online books) which has a free 14-day trial, so you could take a look at the book for a couple weeks for free!

The phone service that you are going to create is simply one or more web pages that instead of returning HTML, they return Cisco XML objects (such as the CiscoIPPhoneMenu element). When a user selects a menu item from the menu, it generates a GET request to another web page.

You can subscribe your phone to your web page to test your service, or test it through a web browser to view the raw XML that would be served to the phone. Don't forget to set your contenttype to text/xml.

Best of luck!

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New Member

Re: Simple XML Application help

Hi Navi

Think this will help you. Helped me when I was doing the simple applications.

If you havent already got it this will talk you through the basics.


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