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Single site Exchange

I have a customer with a small number of users on their enterprise exchange server (less than 30). They would like to install the dialogic/Unity stuff directly into that server instead of using another server. Is this supported and more importantly, is it advisable. Incidently, there are 5 or so smaller sites and 5 or so larger ones. The entire exchange org consists of 11 sites across multiple cities. They are all connected via site connectors.<br><br>


Re: Single site Exchange

We do currently support an "all in one" configuration for small sites (less than 200 users total) where Unity can be installed on a server that is also providing email/outlook services to users. You'll need some horsepower on the box since it's doing a lot (web server, email server, probably a domain controler I'm guessing, voice mail server, Outlook connections are expensive etc...).

if they install it on their own hardware and it's not on the hardware compatibility list, TAC will probably give you a rough time getting support on it (i.e. if it look even remotely hardware related they'll want you to get it on a supported platform).

Also, you mention a bunch of small sites... that's a problem. Unity cannot have subscribers being serviced on one box that are homed in multiple sites. We cannot log into mailboxes and get at your message store and monitor it for change events (for MWI/notification) across a site connector. Each site will need it's own Unity server or they'll need to flatten their topology to one site. I'm guessing, however, they installed site connectors for a reason (i.e. low bandwidth or non-constant connections between the servers).

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