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SIP IP Phone boot process

I have two Cisco7960 phones,Cisco ITS 2.1,Cisco3640 router with IOS 12.2.11YT,Cat3524 switch.

I connected 7960s and 3640 and my office LAN to 3524 switch.If I set 3640 as DHCP&TFTP server,the phone can boot up successfully exclude "File not found"&"Error verifying config file" message,but phone can call each other.I upload follows files to the flash of 3640:

1 6165696 c3640-i-mz.122-12.bin

2 29092 logohome.gif

3 250017 admin-user.html

4 4001 ephone-admin.html

5 35138 normal-user.html

6 2240 telephony-service.html

7 12 OS79XX.TXT [deleted]

8 463306 P0S3-04-3-00.bin

9 5580 SIP0009B7DA0C03.cnf

10 5580 SIP0009B7DA0C6E.cnf

11 5580 SIPDefault.cnf

12 1216 SIPConfigGeneric.cnf

13 459014 P0S3-04-0-00.bin

14 392534 P0S30203.bin

15 371312 P00303020209.bin

16 333668 P00403020209.bin

17 1908762 P00503010100.bin

18 12 OS79XX.TXT [deleted]

19 12 OS79XX.TXT [deleted]

20 8 OS79XX.TXT

21 1720 XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml

22 1720 SEP0009B7DA0C6E.cnf.xml

But if I set W2K server located in my office LAN as DHCP and TFTP server,copy the same files to the TFTP root directory,and delete DHCP&TFTP configuration on 3640,phone can get IP address from W2K,but can't get configuration file from W2K TFTP,message is "malformed option in request",


I don't know the phone bootup in CM skinny mode or SIP mode,can u please tell me how to control?

I want to change the default config of 7960 phone as the document,but when I unlock the phone when it was in "Select Networking Setting..." status,only "save" and "cancel" in the LCD,so how to change default configuration of 7960 phone?


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Re: SIP IP Phone boot process

To change the default config of the 7960 phone, use either Notepad or Wordpad to edit the file entitled "SIPDefault.cnf" and reboot the phone.

Don't forget to direct the phone to the correct TFTP Server that will hold both the SIPDefault.cnf configuration file as well as the phone-specific SIPmacaddress.cnf configuration file by including the "option 66" AND "option 150" commands in the router's DHCP config as shown below:


ip dhcp pool 148*234

host xxx.yyy.148.234

client-identifier 0100.070e.8110.e4

client-name SIP00070E8110E4

default-router xxx.yyy.148.237

dns-server xxx.yyy.148.200

netbios-name-server xxx.yyy.148.200

domain-name domain.local

option 66 ip xxx.yyy.148.200 xxx.yyy.148.236 xxx.yyy.148.235

option 150 ip xxx.yyy.148.200 xxx.yyy.148.236 xxx.yyy.148.235


All the best,

F C Wood

Houston, TX USA

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