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SIP Phones Vs SCCP


i know this may too basic a question but why would someone want to convert an SCCP phone to SIP? whats the added functionality/Advantages for SIP. say i have 100 phones on SCCP and i convert all to SIP. what would i notice?

Note: this is NOT an actual scenario, just was checking out some documentation so i thought id ask


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Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

Which system do you have? There are tables comparing the features available in SIP Vs SCCP. Generally the latter has more.


Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

we maintain 5.x systems but it was more of a personal knowledge and experience type question. a lot of ppl ask for SIP and i see some people converting thier sccp cisco phones to sip so was wondering what were the advantages of this.

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Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

I don't have a 5.x comparison table link but someone else should be able to provide the info.

Personally I see no advantages in using SIP Vs. SCCP with a cisco CM.


Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

it was my thinking as well but every now and then you see someone converting the phone to SIP and i always wondered why?... i thought i was missing out on some good stuff :)

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Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP


a reason mentioned somewhere on was that in complete SIP deployment scenario, there would not be needed a DSP for dtmf processing as both, endpoints and trunks would recognize the SDP. But I find this not much reasonable, rather more cheaper.

Anyway, it is interesting to me, do you find any reason not to convert from SCCP to SIP?

More, whta about new builds?



Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

hi guys

i just wanna add to ur interesting discussion that

When you use Cisco IP phones with SIP, the number of features depends on the phone models.

Type A phones (Cisco Unified IP Phones 7905, 7912, 7940, and 7960) support fewer features

and have a different look and feel when used with SIP.

In summary, endpoints using standard SIP or H.323 support fewer telephony features, and type

A Cisco IP phones have some limitations when using SIP

thank you

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Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

so still, why even consider SIP then? i mean, again i ask, i hear someone saying that they want to convert the Cisco IP Phone from SCCP to SIP and im there something im missing....should i be considering this?....when should i consider this?

other than trying to use a Cisco phone with another SIP PBX that is.

Re: SIP Phones Vs SCCP

it is a feature available in cisco phones

also a capability in CUCM that help if u have sip phones

if u have CUCM and cisco phones just use it as sccp

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