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Size of File: UnityDb_log.LDF

This file is located at /Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL/DATA/UnityDb_log.LDF<br><br>I would like to know what kind of information this file stores. It is taking up a lot of space on my machine and I would like to know if it's size can be decreased or if it can be deleted.<br><br>I have version 3.12 of Unity.<br><br><br><br>


Re: Size of File: UnityDb_log.LDF

LDF files are transaction logs (log differential file?) used to track changes made to a database. They are mainly used for data restoration and recovery. That particular file is keeping track of changes to your Unity database. In the event of a crash, the system can rebuild the database automatically up to the point of failure.

By default, I believe the log will fill with transactions until you perform a backup, at which point it clears the file. An alternate option is to use circular logging, which caps the log file at a certain size and starts overwriting it from the top if it is not backed up before it reaches the cap. Circular logging is more efficient with disk space, but less reliable for recovery since events can get overwritten.

Microsoft should have articles regarding SQL configuration, including designing a backup strategy/recovery plan. I'm not sure if there are any caveats to using circular logging with Unity's SQL database, I know there are some sites that have done this. The one feature that I would be worried about would be failover, since it relies on transaction log synchronization to keep the database current between the two systems.

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