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Sizing, licensing, legacy

Hello Jeff, I understand that you "the Untiy Man":<br>I have a couple of questions re Unity 2.4.6,CCM 3.0,and PBX:<br>1- Licensing: Are the following Unity licensings required for UM functionality?<br>- Port<br>- TTS, Mulitiligual<br>- ViewMail<br>- SA<br>- AA<br>* Are the above licensing required to be purchased individually or they are grouped under certain catagory ie. Ports?<br><br>2- Based on 2000 users per Unity server, I think 48 Ports are required per server. What is the sizing guide line for TTS? How many TTS ports are required for the same number of users in the same server?<br><br>3- In CCM or IP integeration scenario, Unity's loging (tracing server/activity) can be obtained form Unity and CCM. In PBX integeration (no CCM, analog integeration), how/where is the loging/tracing function done from?<br><br>4- VPIM becomes handy if voice mails other than Unity want to have true/full communication with Unity world or vise versa. Is VPIM supported in Unity 2.4.6 or will in 3.x?<br><br>Thanks much.....<br><br>


Re: Sizing, licensing, legacy

Lotsa parts to this question… lets see if we can get them all…

As for #1, “UM” means different things to different people, but in general here’s the deal:

If you require text to speech functionality, you will need TTS ports and TTS users on your key (these are two separate values). One is a license for how many sessions we can do at a time (we pay this to the TTS vendor, that’s how they all license their products) and one dictates how many subscribers are allowed to be associated with Classes of Service that have enabled TTS capabilities.

You’ll want ViewMail, of course, or your Outlook inbox experience will be pretty poor.

There is no SA license on the key. As many folks as you make administrators can get into the SA.

If you want subscribers to be able to edit their mailbox options, you’ll want to get AA licenses… again this dictates how many users can be associated with a class of service that allows access to the AA.

Languages are sold by TUI (telephone interface) and GUI (SA/AA) languages allowed. You purchase the number of each allowed, not specific languages.

I don’t have the ordering/part numbers stuff down (I’m a tech guy, not a sales guy!) so I can’t tell you what packages are offered or if you have to get each individually. Each one is licenses on the key and enforced, so it depends on what the sales guys program on the key when you buy a particular part number. I believe you sell unlimited packages for ViewMail and AA and stuff like that rather than charging per seat, but that’s not really my department.

As for #2, it really depends on how many folks you will be giving TTS options to and how many folks you think will be using TTS in the site. I have TTS on my mailbox here and I think I’ve used it once from the airport. There is no hard and fast X ports + Y users = Z TTS sessions. If you’re getting a “heavy” engine like RealSpeak you can’t go beyond 4 or 6 sessions depending on your hardware anyway (it’s very CPU intensive). I think you’ll find most folks wont use this feature heavily other than your road-warriors so you can probably get away with fewer licenses.

#3, all our logging and tracing (Dataxxx.txt and Diagxxx.txt) files are found under the commserver\logs directory. You can turn on various traces to increase the amount of information we log on the System options page in the SA or using MaestroTools (my preferred method since you can cycle the logs). Is this what you’re looking for?

#4, Unity 3.0 will be supporting AMIS-a but VPIM is not on the plate right now and isn’t on the road map that I know of. Folks are working on a mechanism to talk directly to Octelnet systems, however.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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Re: Sizing, licensing, legacy

Thanks Jeff! A couple of clarification points:
- 4 Port TTS will give you 4 TTS users concurrence TTS functionality or more.
- Tracing logs will be available if Unity is used in conjunction with CCM (IP based) as well has without CCM ( just PBX based)?
-Can you elaborate on AMIS-a


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