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SMDI Integration

We are running across intermittent loss of integration on various ports with a Calista box SMDI integration on a Lucent G-3. What the customer is complaining about is that intermittently the caller is getting the main greeting instead of the integrated greeting of a subscriber box. We are not readily able to re-produce the problem. We have called into each port individually with no failures. I remember early on in Unity (2.3) there were some problems with integration when it was trying to light message waiting lights (we have already edited the switch file for multiple MWL's because we have to light some lights off site with analog lines) at the same time as a call was coming into the Unity, but that was with analog integration and not MCI or SMDI. This also might be happening during busy times. Any timers in an AVD or INI switch file I might be able to tweak to try to resolve this or is it a known issue? <br><br>


Re: SMDI Integration

yes... there are a TON of adjustable settings for serial integration, some specially added for the Calista box.

There are numerous scenarios where that little box can cause problems... it can send the packet before we get ring voltage, after we get ring voltage, it can send us "ghost packets" on hangups that then get pickedup on the next inbound call, there can be delays of several seconds in some high load scenarios where we have to wait extra long for a packet... it hurts my head.

We have wizards in our integration group that can help you out with this. They first need to determine what's going wrong (i.e. are the packets coming in late or what) and they'll want you to turn on some traces and try to note times when you get a failed integration call (i.e. someone goes to the opening greeting instead of their mailbox or whatever) and they can look in the diag files to see what's happening. Then they can help you twiddle with your timing/serial packet caching options to get your system tightened down.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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