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SMDI to an analogue Fax Server from CCM3.1(4)b

Has anyone tried or been successful in using an SMDI interface to talk to a Fax Server using either CCM Messaging Interface or via the VG248 SMDI port? I have seen plenty of references where it is used for Voicemail. The Fax Server (MESSAGEmanager) needs to know the called number to be able to route the Fax to the user via an Exchange server. I have set up the CMI to pass the SMDI info via COM1 on the CCM and configured a DN to accept the Fax calls. The Fax is received on the server correctly but no information is passed over the SMDI link. Neither a Call Manager trace of the CMI or the event viewer on the Fax Server show any SMDI information. The next step is to try via the VG248 SMDI port but that requires rewiring the ports so the Fax Server is on port 1. Any help would be appreciated. Tks Mike.


Re: SMDI to an analogue Fax Server from CCM3.1(4)b

If you are not seeing anything in the CMI trace, then it is likely a configuration problem. Go back through your config and make sure you have everything set right, most importantly, you need the VoiceMail DN configured.

You need this DN because CMI will register an intercept with CCM.exe so that when a call is sent to the Fax number, it can grab the call info and send it across the SMDI link.

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