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SMDR on callmanager Express

according to a cisco presentation i saw and some other spec sheet type info, callmanager express should be capable of SMDR. But i cannot find anything that describes how to implement it on the express router. My application would be having an accounting server attached via the SMDR serial port (would that be the aux port??) to grab the records & do billing,etc. Anyone heard/seen/tried it? any links or docs that i can try?



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Re: SMDR on callmanager Express

Hi John,

Here are some docs that should help:

Gateway Protocols

CDR Logging Configuration with Syslog Servers and Cisco IOS Gateways

Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.4 Special and Early Deployments

Call Detail Records (CDR) Feature Correlation ID for Supplementary Features

Cisco vendor-specific attributes (VSAs)

Hope this helps!


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Re: SMDR on callmanager Express

actually, i'm looking for how to connect CME to a proprietary billing system via SMDR. According to a preso from cisco, it should be possible, but i can not find any information on how to configure it -- or where the serial port that SMDR uses to transfer records to the billing system would reside.

I'm beginning to think that it's not a real possibility, and i'll have to fall back to syslog or something & write some translation scripts to get the info into a format the billing system would like better.

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Re: SMDR on callmanager Express

Only way to do this today is to use a Radius server to collect the records. CME does not send out billing records in the standard csv format. Something we are looking to add in a future project. Today ISI and Stonevoice offer solutions that can do billing for CME.


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Re: SMDR on callmanager Express

Hi Sarat,

Thanks for weighing in on this subject! It is great when Cisco people offer their expertise.

Take care!


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Re: SMDR on callmanager Express

Sure thing. Just wish I could do this more regularly. Please feel free to ping me with any feedback you or others have on how we can continue to improve CME, SRST, and CUE. BTW, not sure if you guys have seen this article that just came out today:

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