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SMS - Exchange

Guys.<br>It is becoming a increasing question asked by end users.<br>Is it possible that Unity can send an SMS messages to a mobile telephone when receiving voice mail messages (and email for that fact).<br>I would imagine also that there are likely to be other difficulties such as SMS protocol(for various countries).<br><br>As always i await your reply, wise "Obi-Wan Kenobi" master.<br><br>


Re: SMS - Exchange

There’s two parts to this answer.

First, in Unity 2.4.0 released last month, we cranked up the number of notification devices (bringing the total to 12) and included two “text pager” devices that send messages to any SMTP address. In most cases you should be able to send messages to your GSM devices using SMTP.

That said, I realize there are some down sides to that since some providers charge you for the SMTP access, and there can be a lag in the message getting to the phone that you don’t have sending it directly using the SMS protocol. With that in mind we are investigating several 3rd party tools that give us the ability to send messages directly from a special GSM modem to your phone using the SMS protocol. We are planning on adding an additional “GSM-SMS” notification device in a future version of Unity, however I can’t tell you when that will hit the streets or which modems/phones it’ll support and what you have to do to set it up… lots of work to be done, but we are working on it.

The last time I checked there were something like 7,000,000 SMS messages sent every month world wide so clearly this is something we want to be able to support moving forward.

“Obi-Wan”? Well… as long as we don’t start getting any Jar Jar references out here…

Jeff Lindborg

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