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SNMP how many timeslots are being used on E1 ISDN PRI

I use SNMP to monitor how many timeslots per each ISDN PRI port are being used.

But some cards does not provide me with such information.

Sometimes OID helps. There are cards that don't answer for this OID with correct information.

Is there another way to understand how many timeslots are being used for ISDN PRI card?

(My voip gateway is cisco 3662, IOS c3660-js-mz.123-10).

Thank you in advance.


Re: SNMP how many timeslots are being used on E1 ISDN PRI

The 16 E1 lines (1-16) have the following four configuration options:

Channelized E1-Any of the 16 E1 lines can be configured as channelized E1lines, but you are limited to a total of 128 logical channels. You can group the time slots in these E1 lines into several individual logical channel groups, each of which carries data with different data link layer protocol encapsulations. You can configure timeslot 16 as a data channel, although it is typically used for common channel signaling. (Channel associated signaling (CAS) for voice channels and E1 Facilities Data Link [FDL] on

timeslot 16 are not supported.)

Each logical channel group can be composed of individual 64-kbps timeslots and/or ranges of timeslots, for example, 1,9,12-14. Each logical channel group can contain from 1-31 timeslots maximum; the same timeslot cannot be used in more than one logical channel group. Any unused timeslots are filled with programmable idle-channel data.

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