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SNMP traps on the Unity box

I am working on setting up a device that would monitor the health/activity (and up/down status on all AV services maybe even ports status) on the Unity server via SNMP. Other than the default values like CPU/memory utilization, are there anything specific that I can pull from the Unity server? This is very helpful as we can tell from a centralized location whether Unity is up or down. <br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: SNMP traps on the Unity box

We've been working with various SNMP/monitoring vendors such as NetIQ and the like for getting all kinds of monitored data. The NetIQ folks have a Unity monitoring package already on the market that pulls stuff from the event log, perfmon counters, polls Unity components directly etc... it's pretty cool.

Unity logs a bunch of stuff into the event logs (you can get a list of these off the general tools page of Doing event log "scrapes" is pretty easy and you can get a lot of info about what's going on with Unity (i.e. a "burned" port, account lockouts, all ports busy, Exchange server reported down etc...). This is probably where I'd start if you're trying to roll you own.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

Community Member

Re: SNMP traps on the Unity box

Jeff, I'm currently evaluating Netiq for the next 30 days. One feature we were looking for and is not available yet (verified with their tech support) is looking out for "burned ports." I realize you can watch the event logs and page on "AvMui.msg" application errors, however, we'd prefer something similar to what Port Monitor shows.

Just to make sure I don't rule out Netiq in haste, I was looking for another possible solution. One of the knowledge scripts allows you to run a non-interactive DOS command and raises an event when an unexpected exit code is raised. Is there a command line utility that'll show something similar to a 'show voice port summary' on a vg200?

Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP traps on the Unity box

no, there's no command line tool you can use to determine if a port is "burned" or not. The port status monitor, in fact, does not even know if a port is really burned or not, it simply shows the last status it got from the arbiter (which talks to the MIU which talks to TAPI which talks to the loaded TSP which talks to the Skinny interface on the Call Manager... which swallowed the spider that ate the fly).

The MIU simply notes the fact that a port has been off hook for X minutes and has not changed states. It'll log an event log error for that every X minutes to the application event log as you noted. It doesn't get any slicker than that I'm afraid.

You can use the COM interface on the Arbiter component to query the port status if you're running on box and you can get information about the active calls perhaps... although this is kind of a hairy way of going about getting basically the same information.

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