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Sofphone and VLAN configuration

We have a 3524 w/ inline power with two vlans for voice, one for data. Also have 2620XM set up as router-on-a-stick with these two vlans trunked over the FA int.

When trying to use Softphone, we can only see lines to control when the PC is on the voice vlan, but not the data vlan.

Is there something I'm missing? Why can't I use Softphone from the data vlan?

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Re: Sofphone and VLAN configuration

I guess, the softphone can be used in data vlan also. A very similar configuration of voice and data vlans is discussed along with the configurations in the following document. You could check out this with your configurations.

Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Telephony Service (ITS)

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Re: Sofphone and VLAN configuration

Softphone does not require you to be on the voice VLAN.

I assume you have IP connectivity from the PC with Softphone to each of the CallManagers? If not check your routing and default GW config.

Otherwise check the TSP configuration (for Win2k):

Control Panel

Phone and Modem Options

Click the advanced tab and select the Cisco TSP and click configure

Select the CTI manager tab and check that the correct IP addresses are used for the primary and secondary CallManagers.

I'd recommend IP address rather than hostnames.



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Re: Sofphone and VLAN configuration

Yes, I have IP connectivity to each CM. I've checked TSP setting, etc...I'm using IP's rather than hostnames.

The only change I make is that I connect into a port configured for the data vlan or the voice vlan. When on the voice vlan, it works. When on the data vlan it doesn't.


Re: Sofphone and VLAN configuration

Are you firewalling your Call Manager cluster? The recommended security setup will block access from your data vlans to your Call manager. Other than that it should work, except for QOS issues. This assumes you don't have any basic routing problems.

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Re: Sofphone and VLAN configuration

No, I'm not firewalling the CM's. In fact, the CM cluster isn't even on the voice vlan...the CM's are at another site, and we connect to it over a T1 link. Configs for both the data and voice vlans are the same.

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