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Softkey Language on 7940/7960 (CME 3.3)


I've got a problem language settings using a CME 3.3 system with phone types 7912,7920,7940,7960.

I configured locale settings to german and 7912 as well as 7920 phones show the correct softkeys and menu entries, but on the 7940/60 phones the softkeys are still in english. when I enter the phone menu (e.g. directory) I see a language mixture: received calls, placed calls, ... are in english, the entry local directory is in german ("Lokales Verzeichnis").

I checked the tftp bindings:

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf alias SEPDefault.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault.cnf.xml alias XMLDefault.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/ATADefault.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP0015C65A450F.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP0015F92ED129.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7960-tones.xml alias Germany/7960-tones.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7960-font.xml alias German_Germany/7960-font.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7960-dictionary.xml alias German_Germany/7960-dictionary.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7905-dictionary.xml alias German_Germany/7905-dictionary.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7960-kate.xml alias German_Germany/7960-kate.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/7960-kate.xml alias German_Germany/7905-kate.xml

tftp-server system:/its/germany/SCCP-dictionary.xml alias German_Germany/SCCP-dictionary.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7912.cnf.xml alias SEP0015C66C148D.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7920.cnf.xml alias SEP00131A4C2BB2.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7920.cnf.xml alias SEP00131A4C2BB7.cnf.xml

I debugged the ephone registration process, no error messages.

but when I take a look at the phone status messages, there is an entry "file not found" - no further explanations.

what file could be missing and where can I get it from :)?



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Re: Softkey Language on 7940/7960 (CME 3.3)


A couple of things must be checked, first using the debug ephone detail mac H.H.H.H and the debug tftp packets commands prior to resetting the 7960/7940 phone, verify the phone load they are trying to upload and if this file is the one you are using in the load command under the telephony-service mode.

Another thing you must check is the compatibility between your IOS and the CME version you have riunning. Check this link for this,


Re: Softkey Language on 7940/7960 (CME 3.3)

hi jose,

thanks for your reply and your help.

debugging ephone detail showed me that one of the phone load files was missing. now it works :)!

best regards


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