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New Member

SoftKeyItem Problem


I have a problem with SoftKeyItem and I would like some sugestion or tip...

The user receive the menu without error

but the option EditDial is not working. The user receive the message Host Not Found.

Is any problem with the following URL ??


Here the complete menu


<Title>Diretorio Celular</Title>


<Name>Lomonaco, Andre 3192058594</Name>

<URL>QueryStringParam:number=3192058594&userid=Andre G. Lomonaco</URL>













The URL above is working. At least the user should get the following xml:


<Text>Unable to Dial: No telephone number in directory.</Text>


Any tip ??

Thanks in Advanced

My Best Regards,

Andre Lomonaco


Re: SoftKeyItem Problem

What's the service url for that service?

And.. when connectivity doesn't happen it pays off to sniff network traffic. For start wireshark on your server but you most likely won't see anything, so you need to mirror the port that the phone is connected to and see what the phone does when that softkey is being pressed.

New Member

Re: SoftKeyItem Problem

Hi Stephan,

I forgot to use the function in my parameter to be used in the QueryStringParam element.

Thanks a lot for your reply

Andre Lomonaco

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