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New Member

SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

We have succesfully installed our IP Telephony system and autoattendant works fine with the following config.

dial-peer voice 500 voip

destination-pattern 5..

progress_ind setup enable 3

session target ipv4:xx.x.x.x

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

But with this config SoftPhone does not work remotely over a VPN connection via the internet when you specify that SoftPhone should always use a lowbandwidth codec.

When I remove the "codec g711ulaw" command SoftPhone works perfectly over the VPN connection with the "always use lowbandwidth codec" setting on. But with removing this command we have lost autoattendant.

Any ideas??

New Member

Re: SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

The Softphone uses G.729 when you have the always use low bandwidth codec checked. This conflicts with the G.711 codec in your dial-peer. If you do not set the codec in the dial-peer it uses G.729 by default. If your VPN connection does not have enough bandwidth to support G.711, you may have to set the dial-peer as G.729.

New Member

Re: SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

voice-gatew(config-dial-peer)#codec ?

clear-channel Clear Channel 64000 bps

g711alaw G.711 A Law 64000 bps

g711ulaw G.711 u Law 64000 bps

g723ar53 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 5300 bps

g723ar63 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 6300 bps

g723r53 G.723.1 5300 bps

g723r63 G.723.1 6300 bps

g726r16 G.726 16000 bps

g726r24 G.726 24000 bps

g726r32 G.726 32000 bps

g728 G.728 16000 bps

g729abr8 G.729 ANNEX-A & B 8000 bps

g729br8 G.729 ANNEX-B 8000 bps

g729r8 G.729 8000 bps

gsmefr GSMEFR 12200 bps

gsmfr GSMFR 13200 bps

I can only choose from the above codecs, I have tried all the g729 codecs but with each one we lose autoattendant??

Strange hey?

New Member

Re: SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

What auto attendant are you using? Unity or the Cisco Basic Auto Attendant?

New Member

Re: SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

try adding voice-class codec 99 (or some number) in the global config. Under this you add a preference for each codec such as codec preference 1 g711ulaw and codec preference 2 g729r8 or whatever. Then in the dial-peer instead of a codec statement you add the voice-class codec 99. This worked for me when using some old IP phones (the 30 vip) and softphones and 7960's. the old ones only want to use g711 or g723 which stopped the softphones from working.

New Member

Re: SoftPhone and Autoattendant Codec Problem..

Fantastic! That did the trick and it works a treat.

Thank you..

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