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Softphone and LDAP

I have an application that is developed by Cisco called Softphone. It runs on a yet-to-be-released version of Call Mgr. It has the ability to call up directories via LDAP.<br><br>I pointed it at the Unity system, and all the users popped up. Very cool! However, none of the phone numbers showed. So I started playing with trying to get the phone numbers to show up. It turns out that if I add the phone number to the user via the Active Directory Users and computers tool, the change does not show up when I update the listing on the Softphone. If I go and add the phone number to the Exchange user account, it then shows up in my directory (but not in Active Directory). <br><br>So my question is... When I point the softphone LDAP client at port 2015 (changed from 389) on the Unity system, what entity am I talking to? It appears to be Exchange.<br><br>


Re: Softphone and LDAP

The Cisco Softphone application is a TAPI client application that uses the Cisco TSP for call control and native RTP for it's audio, therefore it does not use the Cisco wave driver. Since it uses the Cisco TSP, it will not be available until the next Cisco TSP is available. One of the new features in the Cisco TSP is that it has some security enhancements where TAPI clients must authenticate the user before getting access to the TAPI line resource. This is why it ties in with LDAP.

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