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Softphone in a Terminal Server environment

Does anybody know if softphone works/is supported in a terminal server environment [We're using Citrix to display the Windows desktop through Sun Ray Server to Sun Ray]...

thanks in advance...

Cisco Employee

Re: Softphone in a Terminal Server environment

I don't know if anyone has tried this configuration. You may want to get in touch with your Cisco account team; they can contact marketing and find out whether or not that scenario will work and if not whether it may at a later time.

The SoftPhone would have to run on the Terminal Server and that server would have to be a Windows NT or 2000 Server.

What I don't know is whether or not multiple instances of SoftPhone running in different "sessions" but all on the same server could all bind to the same resources (sound card, network sockets, etc.) but my hunch tells me the answer is no.

Community Member

Re: Softphone in a Terminal Server environment

I would also support that hunch except in one instance - it is more complex than just the binding on the Terminal Services server though, as the site seems to be in a mixed Unix / Windows environment. You'd have ports involved in network sessions binding to WTS (Terminal Server) sessions, which is ok, but it's the audio that would be an issue, as you could not bind to a sound card in the server. However, there may be a way to provide "virtual" sound cards under Terminal Services - but even then, you've got to get that session to the Sun Ray Server software and out to the end device (a Sun Ray box).

The SunRay does support audio (stereo speakers, headphone socket, optional microphone), and the Citrix ICA client supports audio mapping from server to client device, but not sure if native WTS will. You could end up with a Sun Ray running the Citrix ICA client connected to a Sun Ray Server connected to a Citrix Metaframe server connected to a Windows 2000 Terminal Services server connected to a Cisco Call Manager Server .....

and a very frustrated system administrator :-)

Community Member

Re: Softphone in a Terminal Server environment

I had worked on that scenario with two configurations: Windows Terminal Services and Citrix and neither worked. When I open up a terminal session to a remote PC then opened the softphone app. What happened was that the softphone app could not open audio or network address.

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