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I have a softphone with the same DN as a 7960 (shared line) for one user. The user wants to use the softphone or the 7960, but not at the same time. Is there a way to have the softphone work with the same DN but not controll the 7960?

Right now when the user tries to use the softphone the 7960 comes on.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Softphone

Just make it a shared line - works for me. Set it up both on the Physical handset SEPxxxxxx and teh Softphone in Phone configuration


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Re: Softphone

I have the 7960 configured and I configured the softphone with a shared line. When I pick up the softphone it still controlls the 7960.

I think I have configured the way you indicate. I have also associated the 7960 and the softphone with the user in the global dir.

Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions or links that may help.


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Re: Softphone

Make sure under the User configuration, you check the Enable CTI box.

Re: Softphone


How good are you with Partitions and Search spaces?


Try this.

Move both lines into a different partitions. Say softphone_p for the line on softphone and hardphone_p for the line on hardphone.

Then create a search space called bothphones_cs and but both partitions into it, softphone_p as highest priority.

Then create a translation pattern in the normal internal partition and put the line number in here with a search space of bothphones_cs.

This way anyone who calls the number will try the softphone first but if it's not active will go to the hardphone. The line number is the same but the user controls them independantly. Also if the user is associated with both devices like you say he can choose how he wants to work, so if he chooses to do control then calls will still come to him.

A bit complicated I know but this should solve your problem.


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Re: Softphone

A less complicated but more fudgey way to do it would be to set up two lines on the 7960 - one with the DN you have on the softphone, and one with a new DN. That way the 7960 will ring on the original DN, but still be available for use on the other line....

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Re: Softphone

I do this on some of our phones. Here are some instructions on how to get it to work. This is from the administration of the CallManager.

2. Click on User at the top tool bar.

3. Choose Global directory and type in the last name of the user.

4. If their name is not in the system try the extension number.

5. When their information comes up double click the line.

6. This will take you to The User Information page.

7. Verify Enable CTI Application is checked.

8. Click on Device Association at the top left.

9. If the person is in the system they will have an IP phone associated with their extension and name.

10. If nothing comes up, choose Directory number and input their extension.

11. This will bring up any phones that are associated with that extension and click select.

12. If the user has a softphone associated with their extension two lines will come up.

13. Make sure both have a check in the left side box and that the IP phone (SEP # with main extension) has the Primary extension button checked.

14. If the user has these checked go back to the Personal Information page by clicking the upper right line.

15. Click on Softphone at the upper left and make sure the user’s proper IP address is being used. IF they run the softphone on their wireless laptop they will need that IP address, otherwise it is their primary LAN connection IP address.

16. Also need to verify if a CTI Port has been created.

17. Go to Device at the top tool bar.

18. Click Phone.

19. Click Add a New Phone at the top right.

20. Choose CTI Port from the drop down menu and click Next.

21. Input the device name – usually the users first initial and last name with softphone behind it if it will all fit.

22. The description will automatically fill in.

23. Select the device pool.

24. Choose the calling search space depending on what the user can call . Make sure these are the same as what is on the physical IP phone, otherwise the softphone will not set up properly.

25. Choose the network hold audio source.

26. Choose the location.

27. Click Insert at the top.

28. Click OK to insert the CTI Port.

29. This will take you to the Directory number configuration.

30. Input the users extension for the directory number.

31. Choose the partions in the drop down menu.

32. Choose the Voice mail profile .

33. Choose the proper calling search space from the drop down menu, (Step 24).

34. Repeat step 25.

35. Choose the same Calling search space for Forward all calls as you chose in step 24 & 33.

36. Select the Voice mail box for forward no answer and forward busy. Remember this is where the call will get forwarded if you can’t answer the softphone.

37. Input the users name with a space first in the Display internal ID field.

38. Input the extension as the line text label.

39. Save the data.

When the user opens their softphone they should have the option to choose "the softphone" control. This allows the user to use the softphone without controlling the physical set..

New Member

Re: Softphone

It is actually quite simple. Since it sounds like you already have the cti port for the softphone, and the 7960, properly configured, all that is left is to make sure that the user's account configuration is correct and that the user knows how to set up their softphone. First go to the user's account info in the global directory, and make sure that the "Enable CTI Application Use" box is checked. Click update, and then click on the "Device Association" link. Make sure that the user's account has both their softphone and their 7960 lines associated to them. If it is not, search for and check the appropriate devices. Now it's just a matter of having the user select only the line associated with their softphone, and not their 7960, in the softphone settings. Since it is a shared line, the phone will ring at both locations at the same time, but that didn't sound like it was an issue. Good luck.

New Member

Re: Softphone

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to get this to work using your advice. Everything seems to be working correctly.

Thanks again to all.