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Solving problems in our language

I don't know if this is the correct way, or forum to do this. Sorry if don't.

I wan't to start a Group, or Forum, or website.. to the service/app developers that speak spanish.



If someone else have ideas, or are interested on this, please email me:

Thanks... and Saludos

Jorge Severino


Re: Solving problems in our language

While this forum has its quirks and I'd like to see another board software used, don't you think that considering the low number of us, it would be more beneficial for everyone to pull on the same rope? I mean, if you are into development, English is a must, is it not, and there are plenty of people around here whose first language is not English (myself included).

If we all started frequenting forums in our native language, I'm quite sure this forum would lose a lot of its usefulness because knowledgeable people would migrate away.

Splitting up imho only makes sense if you have a large community that is self sufficient - and this community here is barely self sufficient.

Community Member

Re: Solving problems in our language

Hi stephan..

I don't want to split this community.. i think i can't do that. I just want to be more close to the people that develop near to me, and share knowledge.

I want to know if there're people in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, that develop... I'm from Chile, and here, i don't know any person that develop services or applications. Maybe there're a lot, and i want to know them and share problems/solutions.

I just want to group people, with similar insterest.

I think this forum is great and very useful, but i don't like some things like search result display, code diferenciate, share files, etc.

It was just an idea..

Just like

or this forum.. but without language restriction...

I learn a lot from this forums.. and i still learning..


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