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Some 7940 Phones will not downgrade to earlier phone load

We have some users in a Device Pool whose 7940 phones have vers 7.23 (sccp) phone load while the rest of the organization is at 7.22. We have Callmanger 4.13sr2 running. We have an issue with 7.23 and Berbee paging not supporting that version.

Problem: Cannot get certain phones to download the 7.22 load. Get a brief file download error message on phone screen after erasing configuration of phone and rebooting.

The TFTP server ip address is correct and same as other phones as well accessible. Other phones off same switch and of the same model downgraded. I have moved a few of the phones from that site, and placed them on the same switch as the tftp server(publisher), and the downgrade performed normally on bootup.

I have about 30 phones with this issue. Anybody have a similar experience or solution?



Re: Some 7940 Phones will not downgrade to earlier phone load

You can try restoring the phones to the factory default, then delete the xml file for the phones having the problem in the following path:


The name will be SEPXXXXXXXXXX.xml

Now go to CCAdmin under Service> Service Parameters,

select the Publisher and choose the TFTP service. Scroll down to Clusterwide Parameters

and select the following:

- Build CNF files - "Build all"

- Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup - "True"

- Enable Caching of Configuration Files - "False"

Finally restart the TFTP service, this will cause the cnf.xml files to be created in the




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