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*some* Voicemails cutoff at WAN site

I think I'll enter this as a TAC case just due to the nature of the problem - but thought I'd fish here for any help just in case :-)

We have been running Unity 3.x for about six months with no real issues - we recently deployed a remote site on our WAn and we have had an issue with some voicemails getting cut off somewhere between 25 seconds and 35 seconds. This typically removes contact information left by the student :-/ :-)

It seems to only happen at our remote site and only about every 10 voicemails or so...

At the remote site we have a vg200 in MGCP mode with FXO ports where the calls are coming in on. .then the calls when they forward to Unity go across the WAN link (a 384k Frame Relay link) to the central site where the call manager and unity are...

Any ideas? Hunches? :-)

New Member

Re: *some* Voicemails cutoff at WAN site

Man I love TAC :-) They just pointed me to which I should have found by myself - I think I even remember seing it now at one point on the old avforums boards - but in the heat of user distress it slipped my mind...

Haven't verified if it works yet because I'm remote without telco tonight - but it sure sounds promising :-)

- Ken

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