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Sorry this system.....

Hi ,

I am using Unity 4.0.1 integ with CCM 3.2.

When I press the message button or the unity port no I am getting a message saying "Sorry,This system is temporary unable to .....".The server was working fine till yesterday.

Event Viewer App Errors-

1.Event ID 10013,Source-CiscoUnity_ConvMsg

Transferred to FailSafe conversation while running conversation PHTransfer on Port 1. See the following file for the contents of the Named Properties : C:\CommServer\Logs\\NPDump_20030729_181229.txt

2.Event ID 10022,Source-CiscoUnity_PhraseServer

isco Unity's Phrase Server Manager experienced a serious error.


Failed while calling a local method on a Phrase Server object.


Method: CAvPhraseServerMgr::CreatePhraseServerSU

Called Method: CreatePhraseServerSUByName

Parameters: AvPHGreetENU

Error: 0x80004005 E_FAIL For more information,

Event Viewer System Error

1.Event ID 7009

Source-Service Control Manager

Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Microsoft NetWork FireWall Services service to connect.

Please let me know if any one has a sol for this.



Cisco Employee

Re: Sorry this system.....

The most common cause of phrase server errors like that is prompts that have been deleted off the hard drive - sites will sometimes wander through the prompts looking for a particular one they don't like and then just delete it - this is bad as the phrase server is expecting those prompts to be there (you can replace them with a silent prompt - however that's not TAC supported).

At Unity startup time if any phrases are loaded that can't find all their prompts, errors will be logged - Unity will still come up however. But when you access a phrase that goes to pull that prompt you'll get a failsafe event like you're experiencing.

Look back in your application event log to the last time Unity came up and see if there are any phrase server errors in there...

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