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Speaker phone to Handset process

My question stems from a problem that we are having when switching from speaker to handset, and handset not picking up immediately. When on the speaker phone, and the handset is taken off-hook, the voice does not transfer, rather it continues to use the speaker. Sometimes when switching from handset to speaker, the phone hangs up. My question is this... Is the switch between the speaker phone and handset a function of the CCM, or is it a function of the phone itself? When I run a trace on a device that switches without problem, i see no difference between that and one that will not switch successfull. Additionally, I am seeing no lines in the trace that have anything to do with the switch. The trace looks exactly the same between all devices regardless of whther or not they work, seemingly indicatling that the switch is a function of the phone.

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Re: Speaker phone to Handset process

Hi Michael,

This is a function of the phone itself. What firmware are the phones running? Have you tried upgrading these phones? I remember seeing some bugs related to this type of problem in the past.Let us know.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Speaker phone to Handset process

This is what I thought, however, Cisco TAC steared me in the wrong direction, they had informed me that the switch was a CCM function, which did not make sense.

The load currently is 7.2.4.

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Re: Speaker phone to Handset process

i dont really know if this has anything todo with the transformation that took place between picking the handset and the change with the speake,in terms of variation btw the speeds of talking in the handset and de-activation in the voice that's coming from the actually goes on to say that the switch is a function of the phones itself. upgading of the phones via phone bodies(organization) needs to be implore

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