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special char


I have problems to show special letters like ? ? on the ipcommunicator.

Is there any configuration to let me use this letters?




Re: special char

Well.. if you can't show a question mark, then you have another problem. But if you mean the reverse question mark (used in Spanish) or other special characters.. make sure you don't send any standard XML tags to the phone (like xml version 1, encoding = utf8).. some phones don't like it and Cisco never says to use those.

Also, unless you have a locale matching the characterset you're going to use, forget about special characters on the IPC. E.g. German umlauts on an English IPC - you can forget about that... it's a disaster. But if you set your phone to German, reboot it so that it'll download the necessary locale, then suddenly it works out.

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Re: special char


actually Im not trying to show ? (question mark) in the ipphone. The forum replaced my message and put ? in the place of the letters Im trying to use.

There are some special characters in portuguese and I cant use it.

The locale characterset is already portuguese and the phone's menu show this characters but my application doesn't.

If you send me an email I can send to you the character Im trying to use, because by this forum it is impossible.



Re: special char

You should always be able to attach what you're trying to show on the phone as an attachment on this board.. make sure it contains everything that is being sent back including potential headers. E.g. having this line as the first line in the xml response:

Will cause no problems on the 7960 but will cause the exact behavior you mention on the 7970 and IPC.

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