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SQL and 3.3

I was trying to fix a broken subscription and when I tried to delete the subscription I got an error message that said 'SQl replication does not support nicknames such as """" or local. I did notice that when I look under the Sql server group , my publisher is listed as 'Local' and not the name of the server. I looked at a 3.1 amnd it looks correct. I have several installs that all look the same.

You can correct it by using dbhelper but you cannot do it manually. Has anyone seen this behaviour and how do I correct it. LHOST file is okay.


Re: SQL and 3.3

That's just how the SQL Enterprise Manager software is looking at your SQL server. By default, when you fire up SQL Enterprise Manager on the box itself, the SQL Server instance on the machine itself shows up as local. If it's causing a problem, you can deregister the "local" SQL server and then reregister it as its true hostname, and this should eliminate the error.

Re: SQL and 3.3


In CM 3.3 the SQL server gets installed as (local) and so you can't follow the cisco TAC authored document to recreate the subscription until you fix this first.

Go to the publisher > sql enterprise manager > sql server group and delete the publisher server. I know this sounds scary but bare with me.

right click on the sql server group and select new sql server registration. then type in the name of the server don't try and select it from the box as it will not be there.

once the server is back listed now try to reinitialise the subscription and this should fix it.

Then you need to understand why it happened anyway, check out the host / lmhosts files (I tend to put the entries in both to be sure).


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Re: SQL and 3.3

Your right it is scary but thats what I did. My concern is where did this bug show up as I have 3.3.3 systems that are okay and some that are not. The other thing is you can use 'dbhelper' to recreate but I find it flakey sometimes and like to rebuild manually.

The lhosts file was okay and has been from day one. I have 4 other sites in the same state.

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