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SQL Extracts of CDR Records

The is not really a voice question but one that may be an issue for folks implementing a Cisco VoIP solution.

Has any one looked into doing regular extracts of the CDR data for analysis? I am trying to setup a DTS export routine that will use an SQL query to extract a subset of fields. The part I am stuck on now is the WHERE clause in which I would like to extract all of yesterdays records. The DateOrigination field is stored as UTC since 1970,1,1. The troubleshooting guide shows an excel calculation but I need the MSSQL7 to do the same thing. I would like to convert the field to a date that can be compared with the value returned from the GETDATE function (minus 1 day). Any one else looked at this yet?

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Re: SQL Extracts of CDR Records

This should be possible by extrapolating the integer value of DATE(1970,1,1) which is 25569 and knowing the number of seconds in one day which is 86400.

However, is it worth the time taken to produce these types of custom queries when ART (Administrative Reporting Tool) is already available with CallManager and provided by Cisco in the Software Center?

Download, instructions, ART service pack, release notes, etc at:

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Re: SQL Extracts of CDR Records

Thanks for the reply. Some companies will need to extract records in order to send them to a third party service bureau.

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