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SQL Licensing and Unity 3.x

We are probably going to go with SQL, even though we only have 12 ports. How would I find out what the licensing structure is, since we will have to pay for that on our own.<br><br>thanks<br>m<br><br>


Re: SQL Licensing and Unity 3.x

Not really sure what you mean by licensing structure. If you have less than 16 ports you are licensed for MSDE and if you have more than 16 you are licensed for SQL 2000. If you chose to run SQL 2000 you will need to run to CompUSA or wherever and buy your own copy.


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Re: SQL Licensing and Unity 3.x

Sorry about that -

My question turns out to be actually twofold.

1 - I just read in the Install manual that Cisco will not support a system that has less than 16 ports and uses SQL. Is this accurate? Does this mean that if we choose to use SQL and have only 12 ports that we can expect no help from you guys? And if that is true, why is that?

2 - I am cool with picking up my own media, and even paying for the licensing, but the licensing for SQL is per CAL (Client Access License). I am presuming that the CAL is (since we only have on Exchange 2000 box) "1". But being the paranoid and legal person I am I want to make sure. So I need to find out what we need to pay for to make sure that it is legal, since we will be paying for the SQL Licensing on our own.

Does that make sense?


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