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SRST and VG200


On the central office I have Cisco 2600, three vg200 with a several FXO and BRI cards. Also, I have one CCM 3.1. Is it possible to implement SRST configuration on 2600 and to use all vg200 for placing and receiving calls in a fall back mode?

Idea is to eliminate need for another server with CCM and to use only a routers.

I already, made SRST on 2600 and this is usefull for inter office calls. But I have problem when I want to place/receive a call to/from the PSTN.

Also, there is no problem when I have GW cards in the SRST enabled router. But problem is when I have GW cards in the separate units such as in VG200.

Any ideas !

Thanks in forward !

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Re: SRST and VG200

Providing you are not using MGCP , then it should be possible to use H323 dial-peers on the Router with a preference command (Higher number) that points to the Vg200.

e.g existing Dial peer to Call Manager

Dial-peer voice 100 voip

destination-pattern .T

session-taget ipv4: (Call Manager IP Address)

-----Add new peer pointing to VG200--------

Dial-peer coice 200 voip

destination-pattern .T

preference 2

session-taget ipv4: (VG200 IP Address)

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Re: SRST and VG200

Thank you. Yesterday, I tested configuration and everything doing fine.

Thanks a lot !!!

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