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SRST - can't get phones to register

I have followed the appropriate documentation on SRST that is listed several places on this site, but I cannot get my phone to register with the 2600 that has SRST configured. I have debug ephone (all) set on the router, and I don't see ANY ephone packets etc. I fail the connection to the call manager to try I initiate the fall over, but nothing happens. The phone continues to try & register with the real CCM's in an endless loop until I bring the connection back up. The phones are able to communicate with the CCM, they just won't fail over to the SRST router. Is there anything on the phone or CCM that needs to be set or modified to allow this process to happen, or is ALL the configuration strictly on the 2600 with SRST?

Thanks in advance

New Member

Re: SRST - can't get phones to register

I saw some other threads that say the SRST router should show up as Call Manager 3 on the phone (assuming I have 2 real CCM's) It does not show up this way. So I am assuming that is why it doesn't register. But why? My app code is P003D310, which I believe is late enough, but correct me if I am wrong.

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Re: SRST - can't get phones to register

I loaded the P003D302.bin code which I would think was older than the P003D310.bin but that is what worked.

Cisco Employee

Re: SRST - can't get phones to register

P003D302 is the only code right now that you can run on the 7960/7940 that will register to the SRST router.

Even though P003D310 looks like it is a later version of the same code, it's not.

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