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SRST configuration

It seems that I only need two lines of command to make SRST work?

1. Call manager fallback

2.IP source-addres..

Then I can test it? Right?

Cisco Employee

Re: SRST configuration

You are actually also required to specify the number of Cisco IP phones supported by the router (done with the "max-ephones" command) and the number of directory numbers supported by the router (done with the "max-dn" command).

You'll also probably want to configure dial-plan patterns for incoming calls and transfer patterns and a voicemail number for forwarding to voicemail, but these are optional and only required if you want additional features.

Check out:



New Member

Re: SRST configuration

Another question for you, if your phones are setup with Static addressing, how does the phone rehome to the SRST router? I have SRST setup and the phones do not rehome to the router when CM is down. I have setup and had SRST working properly but have always used DHCP from the router and applied the IP via the MAC and then failover worked fine. I have tried creating a 'virtual' CallManager and included it within the cluster in CM and the phones then rehomed but kept bouncing.

any ideas?


New Member

Re: SRST configuration

dhcp has nothing to do with the phones registering with the srst gateway. as long as they are statically or dynamically configured with the default gateway being that srst router they will register if you have it configured correctly.

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