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SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

I have a test SRST gateway setup (IOS 12.3.14T7) with one FXO line. I can place outbound calls in SRST mode. I cannot place inbound calls.

Attached are my configs. When I give a

"service alternate Default" command application mode, I get the following error:


Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

doesn't the dial-peer need "application mgcpapp"?

you have "service mgcpapp" in the config you've provided.

it looks like this is what the call is looking for from your output you've shown.

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing


application command is deprecated in newer IOS.

You have to use service command.

New Member

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

I ran into the same issue and removed the service mgcpapp. And it worked not sure if the same would apply to your situation, but maybe worth a try. Here is what I have on the dial-peer.

dial-peer voice 81 pots

destination-pattern 81T

incoming called-number .


port 0/3/1:23

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

If you do the dial-peers like how you have suggested, the router becomes a H323 gateway. I want this gateway to be a MGCP gateway, fallback to H323. When call comes in I can see that MGCP has fall back to H323, but the call fails because some thing is wrong with the Default applcation. Seems like a bug to me.

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

Howdy Sankar,

You're missing the Global parameter.


For Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.3(13)T or earlier:

R(config)#call application alternate default

For Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.3(14)T or later:



R(config-app-global)#service alternate Default

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing


Infact I did try the global command yesterday and it did take the service alternate Default command (with out any errors like it did previously).

Even after doing this, inbound calls still fail. If I revert back to h323 mode (no service mgcpapp and no service alternate Default), calls do come in just fine.

With the global and service alternate Default and I get the same syslog error message (check my first post).

Thoughts ??

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

Hmm. I should've known you'd have done your homework. Sorry about that. :-)

When you force fallback, what does show ccm-manager tell you?

How are you forcing fallback?


Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

Also, is the ip phone that you are trying to plar to registered to the router? Since the link to the CM is down, that dn would have to have registered as a pots peer for the router to be able to send him the the call, maybe the phone is not failed over yet? The point about how you are forcing fallback might be a good one, I think we had forgotten to force the phones to fail over a few times, with similar results.

Mary Beth

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

I'm thinking ccm-manager hasn't kicked over fallback mode.

In terms of phone registration, that's a good point for DID circuits, but I'm not so sure in this case. I'd expect dial tone on the inbound call rather than busy since DID is not configured configured on the pots peers. Then, if an unregistered extension is entered by the caller, he should get busy.

Sankar, please correct me if I'm misunderstanding the symptoms - are you getting busy on the initial connect or after the extension is entered?


Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing

Michael / Mary.

Thanks for your valuable time taken to respond to this post. Its working now..

Well here is how i started yesterday. Configured SRST and tested failover and phones do register properly. I am testing failover by simply turning off Callmanager service from Control panel. Like I said before this is still in a test setup. Gateway and Callmanager are in the same lan. So rather than using an ACL, i simply turn the CM service off.

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing


I missed the plars - must've been sleepwalking or something...

So Mary was close. The IP Phones were registering with extensions not covered by the plar. The aliases took care of the mismatch.

When you called, the plar rang 1004, but there was no matching ephone. Hence the busy.

Re: SRST gateway issue - inbound calls failing


If you forget a application spelling, you can use the following to verify the correct spelling and capitalization.

VG#do sh call applicatio voice summ

name description

session Basic app to do DID, or supply dialtone.

fax_hop_on Script to talk to a fax redialer

clid_authen Authenticate with (ani, dnis)

clid_authen_collect Authenticate with (ani, dnis), collect if that fails

clid_authen_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL)

clid_authen_col_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL), collect if that fails

clid_col_npw_3 Authenticate with (ani, NULL), and 3 tries collecting

clid_col_npw_npw Authenticate with (ani, NULL) and 3 tries without pw

Default Default system session application 2.0

CTAPP Call Treatment Action Application

lib_off_app Libretto Offramp

DEFAULT.C.OLD Obsolete system session application

MGCPAPP MGCP Application

TCL Script Version 2.0 supported.

Call Treatment Action Application - Version 1.0.

Voice Browser Version 2.0 for VoiceXML 1.0 & 2.0 supported.

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