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SRST - need advice

i am in charge of SRST for 14 remote locations - however SRST is new to us so i need some advice.

first - i am toning fax line back to the telcomm room then punching down phone wire and running it to my fxo port. then i pull my T-1 and the phone register fine and go into fall back - but only some of the phones can get a dial tone. the other phones when i hit 9 for outside line i get "to 9" on the LCD and then it dissappears and the phone goes idle.

i have an office that works perfect and have compared the router config and they are the same - so i am wondering if its related to the way i'm punching down the wires?

advice and white paper would be great!

thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: SRST - need advice

" the other phones when i hit 9 for outside line i get "to 9" on the LCD "

Are these phones configured for SRST - do you get "Cm Fall back mode" on their displays - it's possible that tey are not part of the devise pool assigned to that SRST router..or something, it is not the router problem.

About the the dial tone you can put the following command


secondary-dialtone 9

just to be shure, although thats not the problem here!

I find the following link verry useful:

New Member

Re: SRST - need advice

all the phones go into fallback and i made sure they are all in the same device pool.

all of my office act the same except for one. i used that office as a template and double checked every thing i can think of (router configs, call manager, device pools, etc.)but i still have some phones that will not get an outside line.

thanks in advance.

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