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SRST on 7912 IP phones

I have test environment which contains: CCM 4.1.3 and Cisco 2851 (C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M, Version 12.4(4)T) which acts as MGCP gateway and SRST device and 2 IP phones 7940 and 7912.

Both phones are in the same device pool.

When I'm disabling CCM, Cisco 2851 becomes a SRST device and 7940 works pretty fine but 7912 doesn't work. Even another CCM doesn't appear in phone's configuration.


May the faulty software cause this issue?

What version of 7912 software is not faulty and supports SRST?

New Member

Re: SRST on 7912 IP phones


I have a similar issue. I have some remote sites with gateways Cisco 2811s and Cisco 1760s with SRST enabled and running H323. If the IP Phones lost connectivity to CCM, only IP Phones 7940s and 7960s are registred in SRST gateway. The IP Phones 7912s and ATAs are not registred. The IP Phones has only one device pool for each site.

I tested with some IOS versions, but it didnt works. I verified with debug ephone keepalive, and the gateway only recieve keepalives from IP Phones 7940s and 7960s. It looks as CCM was the cause of the issue, because IP phones 7912s does not show the SRST gateway as an optional CM on network settings.

The CCM are version 4.2(1).

Someone has an idea?

Thanks in advance,


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