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SRST router reboot - T1s dont come back up

Have anybody experienced this ? I have tried two different IOSes and behaves the same. On 12.4.9T1 and 12.4.9T, once the router fails over to SRST, phones register, mgcp fallsback to h323 mode, you can receive calls in and out just fine. Once you reboot the router, the t1s wont come back up any more. They remain in TEI_ASSIGNED state, until you restore wan back to normal and mgcp is up and registered with Callmanager. If you failover the box now, it will go back to SRST mode with the t1s working just fine. This problem seem to exist only after a reboot of the router after it has failed over to SRST mode.


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Re: SRST router reboot - T1s dont come back up

I have had a similar problem. If you no mgcp/ mgcp you should get them back too---but Cisco has yet to have a good answer to why MGCP is hanging after the failover. I presume that the gateway gets back up and registered; but l3 never goes into Multiple_frames_established; right?

Also check your "inhibit restarts at PRI intiialization" in the GW config and make sure it is not checked.

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Re: SRST router reboot - T1s dont come back up

Me too... I had the same problem this week with 12.4.9T. Try to downgrade to 12.4.(6)T5 and let me know...

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